Twitter Management Service

At twitMate we fully manage your Twitter account.

  • We create, schedule and post daily tweets
  • Manage your followers and who you follow
  • Grow your audience organically and sustainably
  • Send traffic to your website, blog or landing pages
twitter management service
twitter marketing service

Handcrafted Marketing

Tweets are scheduled in advance so you can view them before they are posted.

  • All text is handwritten by a marketing expert who is a native English speaker
  • Relevant and eye-catching images are provided
  • Hashtags are carefully selected to complement each tweet
  • Links in tweets drive traffic to your landing pages

Audience Management

Follower management is the key to long-term audience growth. Our strategy is to...

  • Only select quality accounts to follow
  • Follow people with similar interests to you
  • Never follow in bulk, and follow no more than 25 accounts per day
  • Stop following people who are not active or engaged
twitter follower growth
twitter api

Official Twitter API

Each tweet and follower action is executed using the official Twitter API.

  • We use a separate Twitter App for each customer, so you don’t share API access with anyone else
  • We stick well within Twitter’s limits for all actions
  • We follow all of Twitter’s terms of service

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