Development Roadmap

twitMate is an open startup and here is our development roadmap. It will be updated regularly so you can see how close we are to launch. If you would like early access please join the waitlist.

Roadmap to launch:

  • 2020 Develop tweet engine and test in-house
  • 2020 Develop audience management and test in-house
  • Feb 2021 Run private beta testing
  • 08 Mar 2021 Launch a basic version of the website
  • 08 Mar 2021 Launch waitlist for early access
  • 11 Mar 2021 Launch the blog
  • 15 Mar 2021 Publish the roadmap to launch
  • 17 Mar 2021 Update tweet & audience management engines based on results from private beta testing
  • 23 Mar 2021 Create plans and pricing, including discounts for early adopters
  • 26 Mar 2021 Create terms, privacy and company information pages
  • Develop demo page for visitors to view an example of scheduled tweets
  • Develop a dashboard so customers can login to view/edit their scheduled tweets
  • Develop an onboarding webform to get the information we need to setup accounts and create tweets for new users
  • Run a short public beta test to get feedback on the setup process
  • Act on feedback from the public beta test
  • Create payments pages and integrate with Stripe to process payments
  • Send invites to those who joined the early-access waitlist
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